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Some words about us

Soul Mode Productions is a versatile team of professional musicians who are working together in providing some exceptional live music productions for demanding events.

If you need an energetic function band, a temperamental latin band, a classy pop and latin trio or an elegant jazz and pop duo, then we have the right live music entertainment for your wedding, corporate event, ball, festival, hotel, brunch, exhibition or any other demanding event!

We always ensure the right atmosphere and a high quality. Our goal is the best possible guest satisfaction.

Our productions • Soul Mode Productions

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About us • Soul Mode Productions

Why is our name Soul Mode Productions?

Because our hearts and souls are there in every production we offer! We are engaged in all of them and our team consists of artists with a passion for music.

Our bands / productions

  • Latin band • The energetic, temperamental performance of our latin band Maria y Los Chicos is the perfect choice for your festival, concert or as a music show.
  • Function bandThe Gemini Party Band function band ensures the best moods and party feeling and is suited for events like wedding, ball, corporate event aso.
  • Pop and latinThe entertaining, danceable or even smooth program of our pop and latin trio, Trio Mariquita is suitable for smaller events: hotel, wedding, birthday party aso.
  • Jazz and popThe pleasant songs of our jazz and pop duo Marika Szilágyi and Adrian Fülöp are a good choice for hotel, brunch, exhibition aso.

Meet our musicians

Discover our live music productions

Here are our live music productions. We hope you will find the right one for your event.
You can find more infos, demos and a sample songlist about a specific production by clicking the appropriate picture

Maria y Los Chicos
Latin band

Fire and temperament - our latin band ensures hot rhythms and soulful melodies. This production is suited for your festival, concert, dance school aso.

Gemini Party Band
Function band

Dance and party - an atmospheric party and function band best suited for your ball, gala, wedding, dinner, conference, corporate event aso.

Trio Mariquita
Pop and latin trio

Nice and entertaining - our pop and latin trio always ensures good moods and is suitable for smaller events: wedding, birthday party, hotel, bar, lobby, lounge aso.

Marika Szilágyi and Adrian Fülöp
Jazz and pop duo

Listen and enjoy - known tunes for you to listen or dance to. Our jazz and pop duo is best suited for hotel, brunch, exhibition, opening day, birthday party aso.

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